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The Palm Is Gained With Effort 



The principal, staff and students of the Charlestown Primary School warmly welcome you the viewing audience to our school's website.         
The goals of the website are to present an information system, which provides insight into the daily operation of the school, and its general activities with regard to the school’s vision, mission and overall progress. The website also serves as an interface which provides support to teachers, parents and students alike; as educational and worthwhile information are stored. More so, it is an excellent tool, designed to bring a closer link between the school, community, the general public and the world at large

If you want to know about the rules of our society,
Mathematics and Language roots,
Off to Charlestown Primary You Go,
For there they teach what a child needs to know.
Good manners and morals head the list
With music, folklore, sports and athletics.
Technology, our aim is mastery,
That’s why it’s taught to every body.
So, come on to Charlestown Primary.
The record shows our ability,
With caring teachers to guide you through.
Learning becomes much fun for you.


       (Written by Mrs. Robina Ward (senior teacher of CPS.)








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