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The Palm Is Gained With Effort 
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To provide a modern, well equipped institution where there is a pleasant working atmosphere; one in which, children can excel in academic and non- academic work, while embracing a positive, caring attitude through the harmonious efforts of teachers, parents and the children themselves.


The philosophy of the Charlestown Primary School is to prepare children for life with the skills that are necessary to function in a literate society.

Therefore, the school seeks to promote an environment that is conducive to learning from Kindergarten to Grade six. Teachers will strive to promote the highest level of achievement, thus keeping in mind our motto: The Palm is Gained with Effort.

The goal of the Charlestown Primary School is to ensure that the teachers in collaboration with the parents provide an environment that is necessary for children to achieve their maximum potential.

The palm is gained with effort with this motto we are trained

We’ll daily strive to reach our goal that each one must attain

We won’t sit by and idle, or dream away the time,

The task is great, we cannot wait, we must work hard today



Children of Charlestown Primary, will always persevere

For the palm is gained with effort, and so is our life’s goal

We’ll wave our banner proudly, at every trial made

And each success will prompt us, our strict course to maintain

And guided by our teachers, we’ll surely do our best

Exerting every effort, to train for life’s great test


Children of Charlestown Primary, will always persevere

For the palm is gained with effort, and so is our life’s goal

With effort we'll gain the palm
©Written by: Mrs. Robina Ward
©Music by: Ms. Lyndis Walters





Formal schooling for children in the Charlestown area was first organised by church officials. Both the Anglican Church and the Methodist Church had school buildings. In 1984 the government took over formal education of children from the church. All the girls attended the Charlestown Girls School, which was housed at the St. Paul’s Anglican Church building, while the Boys School was located downstairs the Charlestown Methodist Church.
On 10th September 1984 co-education for students in the Charlestown area was implemented. Children ages five to seven were grouped as Infants and children ages eight to 12 were grouped as Juniors. The Charlestown Infant School was located at the St. Pauls Anglican Church, school- room and the Charlestown Junior School was located at the Charlestown Methodist school-room.

In September 1989 the Methodist school room was damaged during Hurricane Hugo. As a result, immediate accommodations were necessary. Grades three to five were relocated at the Roman Catholic School Room at Craddock Road. While grade six was housed at the New Testament Church Bath Road. Three years later, on April 28th 1992, the Charlestown Primary School was established at Ramsbury Site, and has been the main source of primary educaiton for the community.












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