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 The Charlestown Primary School was established on April 28th, 1992. This new institution became the much anticipated home to many boys and girls from the areas of Bath Village, Craddock Road and Ramsbury.

Each year at the start of the third term recognition is given to another year in the life of the school. However, this year we celebrate twenty years of dedicated service to the St. Paul’s community. As a kind gesture, “The Circle of Peace, U.S.A” in collaboration with the “Four Seasons Resort, Nevis” repainted the entire school to mark this our platinum anniversary. In conjunction with this milestone achievement the staff and students invited the parents, friends and members of the immediate community to share in this auspicious occasion.

During this time a number of activities was organized to commemorate our twentieth anniversary. On Wednesday April 25th the most recent addition to the school (the school cafeteria ) was dedicated and handed over to begin its initial operation. On Thursday April 26th a church service was held at the Charlestown Methodist Church, (which in earlier years acted as a school hall for the students).

Finally, a barbecue/ fun night was scheduled for Friday April 28th (the actual anniversary day) where teachers, students and parents could relax and enjoy some “play time” while socializing with friends and family while dressed in their orange anniversary t-shirts.

“To God be the glory, great things He has done for, we’ve come this far by faith!”

Theme:Researching the Past, Understanding Today, Projecting the Future
  • Handing over of school's cafeteria  - Wednesday 25th April 4:00 pm at the Basket- ball court
  • Thanksgiving Service  -  Thursday 26th April 9:00 am at the Charlestown Methodist Church
  • Launching of School's website  -  Friday 27th April at the school's venue
  • Family Fun night  - Saturday 28th April 5:00 pm at the school grounds

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