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The staff of the Charlestown Primary School comprises of creative, intelligent and energetic teachers who work tirelessly each day to ensure adequate learning of the students. CPS staff is a team who engages cooperation in all aspects of the school in order to channel positive changes and the overall progress of the school.
Over the years the school has amassed a colossal number of achievements because of the collaborative efforts of a staff which includes the principal, twenty-one class teachers, Reading Recovery administrator, Guidance Counselor, computer trainers, physical education instructors, librarians and truancy officer.

There are also those who are dedicated to passing on their acquired skills in culture like masquerades and African drumming. Our ancillary staff guarantees good health by keeping the facilities neat and clean.

Unity is strength. Therefore we stand united as one to achieve all our goals and project the school safely into the future.
Mr. F. Kevin Barrett
Ms. Lornette Roper               Miss Verna Grant                         Mrs. Allison Smith
Miss Corrine Liburd                           Miss Cherice Gajor                          Miss Leona Freeman
Grade One Hopeful                           Grade One Helpful                           Grade One Humility
Miss Carissa David                           Miss Petrona Freeman                         Miss Laurella Barry
Grade Two Dedication                       Grade Two Determination                    Grade Two Diligence
Miss Aleta Liburd                   Miss I-Shana Broadbelt         Mrs. Robina Ward               Miss Shanice Amory

Miss Renee Anthony                          Miss Shaneeke Phillip                      Miss Zewani Morton
Grade Four Tact                                Grade Four Tolerance                      Grade Four Thankfulness
Miss Cassandra Powell                  Mr. Reuel Sargeant                     Mrs. Jacquline Bartlett
Grade Five Respect                        Grade Five Reliability                 Grade Five Responsibility
Mrs. Cheryl Frederick- Haynes             Miss Shenelle Pemberton            Mr. Adonis Rivers
Grade Six Courage                            Grade Six Confidence                  Grade Six Commitment
Miss Latoya Bailey          Miss Shakira Hull               Mr. Raynaldon  Bartlette            Mrs. Ellah W. Ngunjiri-Powell
Reading Recovery           Computer Education           Computer Education                  Computer Education
Mrs.Karin Welcome               Mrs. Eulana Weekes- Batson             Ms. Bernadett Caines            
Secretary                             Librarian                                         Librarian                         


Mrs. Carol Ward                         Mr. Elquemedo Willett                                            Mrs. Tameshia Stanley
Physical Educator                       Physical Educator                                                   Guidance Counsellor
Sports Officer                            Sports Officer


Mr. James Liburd                                                                            Ms. Deborah Griffin
Truancy Officer                                                                              Art & Craft Instructor

Ms. Camalita Lee              Ms. Kim Liburd                                                 Ms.Marva Bailey
Mr. Gavin Patterson
Steel Pan Instructor
Mr. Keithley Brandy
Flute and Guitar Instructor
Mr. Wayne Moore
Choir Instructor
Names of chef and cooks at the school's cafeteria
Micheal Henville           Shelly Taylor               Mildred Smithen

Shermaine Maynard      Pamella Romney             Mary Richards

Arlene Williams
Names of Instructors from the Department of Tourism
Ms. Vanessa Webbe
Miss Shenelle Dore

Names of instructors from
the Department of Culture
Mr. Crefton Warner- (Masquerade)

Mr. Collin Stapleton- (Masquerade)
Mr. Frederick Parris- (African Drumming)

Mr. (Chess)

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