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Tuesday 12th September

PTA Meeting

Friday 13th September

School's Patriotic Programme

Monday 16th September

National Heroes Day

Tuesday 24th September-

Thursday 3rd October

Grade Level Meetings

Saturday 5th October

World Teachers Day

Wednesday 16th October


Student Council Elections

Wednesday 16th October 

World Food Day 


 Thursday 24th October


Inter Village Quiz

Wednesday 10th October 

Student Council Elections 


Friday 25th October

 Professional Day

Tuesday 5th November

Parent Teacher Conference

(1:00-4:00 pm)

Wednesday 6th November

Parent Teacher Conference

(1:00 - 4:00 pm)

Friday 26th October

Midterm Mark Sheet

Thursday 25th November

Schools in Concert

Monday 29th November


Monday 18th -

Friday 22nd November

End of Term Test

Thursday 5th December

Christmas Concert

Friday 6th December

School Closes

Monday 6th January

School Reopens

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