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Over the years, Charlestown Primary has done exceptionally well in achieving several trophies and awards. The school has competed against other primary schools on the island of Nevis, in a variety of activities. There are competitions such as Inter-School Quizzes in English, Math, Social Studies and Science.This enthusiastic school organization has also competed in Spelling Bees, Poetry Contests, Tourism Quizzes and Essay Competitions.
A number of students who were educated at the Charlestown Primary school namely, Trish Taylor, Kerese Elliott and Christina Ram, have had the opportunity to emerge winners in various essay contests. They have had their essays published and recognized in countries throughout the Caribbean and have travelled to islands such as, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Students of the Charlestown Primary School are taught to always ensure their surroundings are conducive to learning and comfort. On any given day a team of teachers make random visits to each classroom. They distribute points based on the tidiness of the classrooms. Can you imagine students and teachers alike scrambling to straighten desks, chairs and book shelves, pulling down imaginary cobwebs?

The results are conveyed at General assembly which is held every Monday morning. The school is divided into two wings, Infants and Juniors. A trophy is presented to the winning class on each wing. This in-house competition helps to ensure that students become more aware of their surroundings and school environment.

Nevis Solid Waste Management Poetry Competition
The Charlestown Primary school performed exceptionally well in theNevis Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) 2010 Earth Day Poetry Competition. Placing first was Nicole Zakers Barry with her poem entitled, 'Earth Day Stop Polluting!' Rraheem Perkins placed second with his poem entitled, 'Earth Day.' And capturing third place was Wanya Prentice with his composition entitled 'Earth Day.' The school would love to congratulate these students on their commendable performance.

Earth Day Stop Polluting!
This special day is full of excitement, we live in the earth, we live in an environment, this day is called Earth Day we can celebrate it any way. Don't be wasteful, don't be harmful, we are talking about our planet, be respectful, we need to think about what we can do, to make a better planet for me and you. Stop polluting our marine resources, stop deforestation, we need oxygen, even plant a tree with a friend, bring life to this world again. Help mother nature, it will be better, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and think green!

Nicole Zakers Barry;
Grade five student

Earth Day
Green! Green! Green!That's how we need to be. If we don't we'll kill a tree. We spread pollutants every day, and all we do is play. The earth is dying and we don't care, that would lead to no trees anywhere. That's why we should help earth from pollutions, and try to find eco- solutions. Use less energy and paper so you can use them for later.

Rraheem Perkins;
Grade five student

Earth Day
How can we care for mother earth? By planting trees to make new birth. Stop the polluting, stop the littering, It's not very nice to do such things. Let's make the earth a better place, to help to preserve the human race; Reduce and Recycle. And then the earth will love you.

Wanya Prentice
Grade five student

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