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The computer lab at the Charlestown Primary school caters for the overall learning of the students and teachers. The goal of the lab is to educate students in technology from kindergarten to grade 6 levels with the support of the computer teachers, Mr. Raynaldon Barlette (Junior Section); Ms. Shakira Hull and Mrs. Ellah W. Ngunjiri- Powell (Infant level).

The teachers occupy the lab on a daily basis educating the students about the world of technology. At the infant level the teachers teach the basics, such as caring for the computer and learning the parts of the computer system. On the other hand Mr. Bartlette takes the journey inside the system and along the road of programs that aid the mastering of computer skills.

The computer lab is used by other teachers and students apart from daily computer lessons. Teachers would use the lab to show videos related to lessons planned. Also, during testing the lab is opened to teachers in order to prepare papers for examination or even a quick recap for a lesson. Students from the junior level are also welcomed to pop in at a free session and occupy the computer for educational benefits.


Don’t                                                                                                                              Do’s

No eating or drinking                                                                                            Sit at your assigned seat

Do not invade teachers space                                                                                Have clean hands
Do not touch the computer screen                                                                          Keep quiet

No running and playing in the lab                                                                           Open assigned work only

Never adjust the air condition unit                                                                         Raise hands for assistance

Never open the windows without permission                                                           Keep surroundings clean

Internet Tips

Stay on approved websites

No emails

No chat rooms

Never give out personal information

Never accept pop ups

Unplug computer from electricity in stormy weather     

Mr. Raynaldon Bartlette; Miss. Shakira Hull and Mrs. Ellah W. Ngunjiri- Powell
Computer Teachers
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