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The Grade Five Respect class of the Charlestown Primary School is comprised of twenty students, eight boys and 12 girls respectively of varying abilities.

It is my belief that all students can learn. Therefore, I am optimistic that all students would achieve success and develop both academically and socially. My role as teacher of this class is to ensure that students’ goals are met and they have fun while learning as I aspire to make a difference in each child’s life.

Brandy L. Overstreet states that students learn in a loving and understanding environment, one where the teacher finds a way to help each child accomplish his or her goals by tailoring instruction to meet individual needs. This atmosphere will be an everyday experience as each child is expected to excel. To ensure that all students elevate to a higher level their interests would be considered. This interest would foster full participation. Therefore different techniques and strategies would be employed to ensure that all student learning styles are met. These sessions therefore would be interactive where students engage in discussions, experiments where they discover new things for themselves and role plays just to highlight a few.

I encourage all parents to play a part in their children’s education and become involved. The grade Five Respect class awaits you.

Miss Cassandra Powell
Grade Five Respect Teacher