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“Education is what remains when we have forgotten all that we have been taught”. George Savile Job Profile

The school’s curriculum objectives are used to develop schemes of work from which lesson plans are further developed. These plans are then used to teach and prepare students for Test of Standards Examination.

Students are not only inspired to further their knowledge academically but they are also provided with advice to master social skills thus preparing them to be responsible and disciplined persons in society.

Class Profile

Grade Five Responsibility, comprises of 14 boys and  one girl, all of whom show an eagerness to advance their knowledge in the four core subject areas; namely Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. However, since they are unique and emerge from different backgrounds they bring to the classroom different learning abilities, needs and interests. It would be remiss of me not to mention their good collective ability to recall.

Education is the key to success.

All of the students are encouraged to equip themselves with the tools necessary for an independent and fulfilling adult life. Of course God is in control and they are reminded to make good use of the knowledge imparted and skills embedded in the furtherance of their careers which will make them competitive in the job market.

Mrs. Jacqueline Bartlette
Grade Five Responsibility Teacher
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