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What I teach today will determine what my students become tomorrow.

Recently I’ve been entrusted with thecare of nine young, curious minds of mixed ability. They are very enthusiasticand eager to learn new concepts. As they learn and discover together over the next school year, I hope to develop their motor skills, creativity and a keen sense for exploring new concepts by creating a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning.

Every child has something unique to share with the world and it is my duty to assist in coaxing it out by working along with their interests, to ensure that each child is comfortable in my classroom.

Children learn extremely well by doing and I ensure that these students are exposed to manipulatives that will aid them in grasping any new concept. I believe that my attitude and body language too contribute to how much and how well they learn.

During this school year they will be taught the 4 core subjects being Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science. In this grade the students learn the basics about animals, their country, their body, adding and subtracting and story writing. Added to that they are also exposed to the teaching of values that would equip them with the tools they need to survive in society.

I invite all my parents to take an interest in their child’s education, because one day they will make you proud

 Miss Leona Freeman
Grade One Humility Teacher

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