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The Palm Is Gained With Effort 
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It was Nelson Mandela who said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” I am a firm believer in that statement. As the teacher of Grade Six Confidence, my main goal is to educate students so that they in turn can bring about positive change in our society and the world at large. 

My class consists of sixteen students with varying abilities. Of that sixteen, ten are boys and six are girls. In my Grade Six class, students are governed by the virtue after which the class is named – CONFIDENCE. As we go through our daily activities students are inspired to go forth with confidence as doing so opens a world of successes for them.

This final year of Primary School is a very important one for my fabulous sixteen. It is here that the finishing touches are done as we transport them into their next big experience – High School. I take this task very seriously and try my best to ensure that each child leaves being better than when they came. As a result, my task as a teacher surpasses my responsibility for imparting knowledge and fostering learning.  Students are not only given lessons in the core subject areas. They are also exposed to lessons that seek to develop good morals and a sound character. 

As we go along this journey, it is imperative to highlight the need for active parent involvement. Along with teachers, parents are one of the priceless tools that children need as they forge forward in this critical part of their lives. Parents, I implore you to stand by your child every step of the way as they need truly your love, support and encouragement. Keep up to date with your child’s development in and out of the classroom. Assist your child in whatever ways you can and always remember that I am here to help you. 

Students, this is your time to shine! Seize every opportunity and use it as a stepping stone towards your goals. Make use of every valuable lesson and always give your best effort no matter how challenging the task may seem. I have every confidence in all of you and I know that through your efforts, you will gain the palm. 


Miss Shenelle Pemberton 
Grade Six Confidence Teacher

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