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It is the writer’s teaching philosophy that every child is educable. Therefore, one’s goals and aspirations for grade Six Courage are to capitalize on the skills that each child possesses to bring about effectual learning outcomes. This class as its name implies foster mental- bravery, moral standard, and keen spiritual and social values in each child. For as students develop an awareness of their learning environment, it is essential that they be exposed to the necessary ethical principles that will promote well- rounded citizens in our country. 

Grade Six is an important grade; a time where students get ready for the transit from primary to the secondary level of education. As students prepare themselves for promotional examination, it is advised that they take their educational experiences very seriously. Now is the time for them to tap into meaningful learning experiences and put their potential and innate learning abilities to maximum use.

Grade Six Courage watch words are: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13). Students are advised to embrace these words as they plunge deeper into achieving their highest learning outcomes. Preparing oneself for Test of Standards examinations can be a tedious and overwhelming task at times. However, students are encouraged to seize every opportunity to learn as much as they can, so in the end results, they can with great satisfaction, proclaim their success and rejoice in their accomplishments; as oppose to sighs and statements of regrets. NOW IS THE TIME TO LEARN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!

Parents, instead of waiting for the final moment to turn-up the pressure on your child, why not support, learn and grow with him or her each day in their learning aspirations. Assist with homework assignments, set aside time for revision (learning can go both ways), test your child weekly, build on his or her weaker concepts and more importantly, do not hesitate to ask for help. PARENTS YOU HOLD THE KEY TO YOUR CHILD’S SUCCESS!

Students, everything you do to explore and upgrade your knowledge, allows you to grow from where you are today, to where you want to be in the future. In this sense, learning can be viewed as a prerequisite to growth. Let us together make learning at the grade six level, an enjoyable and memorable experience for all. God speed, and let's all work towards obtaining the palm.

Mrs. Cheryl Frederick- Haynes
Grade Six Courage Teacher


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