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This group of students is an exciting group. They enjoy learning interesting and challenging skills and ideas.  The group comprises of seven boys and fourteen girls.  These are the scientists doctors, lawyers, artists, musicians, cricketers, athletes and of course the entrepreneurs of the future.

There is never a dull moment in this class. They like hearing tales about the past especially about the difficulties Nevisians endured before becoming so affluent. The group is highly creative and spontaneous, so at times the day is treated with melodious singing that helps to refresh them from any work that might have been very tedious. Playing the Co-operative game is one of their favourite, as they learn team work while untangling the web they created. It also brings out their skill of using trial and error which students at this age usually resort to in difficult situations. These students enjoy all subjects and usually look forward to each with enthusiasm.

Meet this exciting group of eight-nine year olds.

Mrs Robina Ward
 Grade Three Perseverance Teacher

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