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Welcome to Grade Two, where the foundation for new and exciting things are laid. Everything that is thought in grade two is further built upon in the other grades, with the exception of a few topics.

Allow me, Teacher Petrone Freeman to take you on this exciting journey. The core subject areas are Math, English, Science, Social Studies and Health. However, extracurricular activities such as Art and Craft and Music are included to make learning the ride of a lifetime.

Working with materials is of high importance, as children are still in their semi concrete stage. It is also very important that the children are not just taught in isolation, but that they are able to see how their new knowledge applies to the real world.

The job, though challenging is quite exciting as children this age (seven – eight) are eager and quite willing to learn. Filling every gap is high priority, and we understand that we can never assume that children know or don’t know. Children are taught to express themselves in poetry and story writing. Hence, organising and sequencing their ideas take priority.

All subject areas are incorporated. Much emphasis is placed on Reading, deducing word meaning, using context clues and dictionary skills. We welcome suggestions and comments from all, as we partner to make second grade learning a rewarding and successful experience.


Ms. Petrone Freeman

Grade Two Determination Teacher


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