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The role of the guidance counsellor at the Charlestown Primary school is vital and is evident in the efforts made to address the students’ academic, personal, social and career developmental needs. This is accomplished by designing, implementing and evaluating a counselling program that promotes and enhances student success.

Hence, the goal is to take full advantage of the opportunities afforded and to ensure that each child benefits at an optimal level. Guidance counsellors are employed in both primary and secondary schools on the Island of Nevis, and operate on ethical and professional standards. These guidelines ensure that, across the board, each counsellor is accountable for information, which is disseminated to the students and by extension the community.

Programs are designed as preventative and interceptive measures to help achieve desired outcomes such as equality amongst students and a safe and healthy learning environment which promotes the holistic development of each student. Therefore, the incorporation of theory-based research helps to distinguish the various needs of the students and through recognition, caters to these needs. 

The guidance counsellor provides a service that is available to all students, staff, parents, guardians, and community members. The responsive service involves individual or group counselling, consultation with parents, teachers and educators as well as the school psychologist. When the need arises, referrals are made to other support services or community resources.
In conclusion, the guidance counsellor seeks to provide developmental programs and activities which, based on continuous evaluation, will enhance the holistic development of each student.

Mrs. Tameshia Stanley (BSc. MSc.)
Guidance Counsellor
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