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It is indeed an esteem pleasure to take this opportunity afforded to me to converse with you my fellow readers. I am Lornette Roper, teacher of Kindergarten One, an experienced teacher for over 33 years and have been exposed to much teaching and learning in the classroom. Working along me with me is my colleague Miss Verna Grant, a young and dynamic teacher. 

At this stage, students are emergent learners; they are exposed to trial and error, where the reading- writing connection is used to promote a
greater sense of learning. Students are motivated by creating an atmosphere of fun and enthusiasm, one which provides opportunities for students to be involved in child-directed instruction. This helps to facilitate the needs of learners, which at the same time paves the way for those who may struggle with reading.
We therefore, advise parents to be consistent in your child’s education, by providing a conducive home environment that not only promotes learning, but caters for the building of key concepts learnt in the classroom. We further encourage parents to work closely with the teacher, as wrong concepts taught are not easily undone. Remember, this is the most crucial point of your child’s learning, and a strong foundation is key to his or her educational success.

At the end of each term, students are assessed based on their progress towards meeting their grade level expectations. If for some reason or the other, a child is performing below the anticipated level of performance; he or she will be required to repeat Kindergarten for another year.

Parents remember time wasted cannot be re- created, so let’s work hard together to ensure the overall success of your child's performance. Best of luck!!

  • Home work is given daily. Please check and sign
  • Dress appropriately in P.E. uniforms (Mondays and Thursday)
  • Computer class is on Mondays
  • Library sessions on Thursdays
Ms. Lornette Roper & Miss Verna Grant
Kindergarten Enthusiasm Teachers

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