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Hi everyone,

I am Allison Smith, teacher of Kindergarten Excellence. In my class there are 26 children between the ages of four to six years (13 boys and 13 girls). My objective is to enable these children to acquire the basic skills of math, reading and writing, also to incorporate these into the other subject areas, such as Science and Social Studies.

The children are of mixed ability, most of them are at the average level of development, with a few slightly above average and some below average. There are times when they are being taught together as a class and sometimes they have to be taught individually or in small groups. This is mainly because each child is a unique blend of traits and children learn differently. This is sometimes a challenge, but rewarding experience.

According o Piaget “The mere discussion on any topic for the young child does not constitute a full understanding of the topic itself;” hence, these children are being provided with a variety of teaching/ learning materials to assist them in understanding concepts and acquiring cognitive and perspective skills.
Mrs. Allison Smith
Kindergarten Excellence Teacher

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