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School Libraries Empower Learners for Life

School libraries everywhere
Empower learners anywhere
You can enter a library at anytime
There endless to learn on every line.
There’re books on history, books on biology
Books on technology, books on psychology,
There’re books for astronaut and books for college,
All the above are books for knowledge!

Go to a school library near or far
A car or a bus is sure to get you there
Whether to Charlestown, Gingerland or St. James
It’s worth the trip, you’ll have much to gain.

Whether you like mystery or adventure,
Reading a book is an exciting venture
It may take you from sunny Nevis, to freezing Alaska
Or from mountainous Afghanistan, to historic Russia

A book on Obama, a book on Kate,
A book on love, a book on faith,
Just step into a school library,
On many topics you are sure to relate
You can do anything, go anywhere

Once you enter the library you’re half way there
Wait and you’ll see, There’s adventure for you and me
School libraries everywhere, Empower learners anywhere.
Just enter a library anytime
And you’ll find knowledge for a lifetime

Books are Treasure for Life

I would like to have a cell phone, blackberry I would choose
I would like to have a laptop and the internet include
I would like to have loads of money to spend it as I will
I would love to have lots of tasty foods; I guess I’ll be eating still

However, I know I would be missing something as I go day from day
I need some books to read that would help him on my way
Of course I would be careful about the books I choose
Because some books can make me win and some can make me loose
But I want to talk about those books that help to educate
With real good information that keep me up to date
I love those books that make me smile, with one clean joke or two
Cause laughter is a medicine and I have found it to be true
Yes I would like a lot of stuff to make me feel happy
But I know that I will have to choose and that quite carefully
Above all else I will choose good books and like a husband and wife
I will live forever happy, cause I have found out that books are treasures for life
 ©All Rights Reserved: Charlestown Primary School Nevis West Indies