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The Charlestown Primary School has a number of rules and guidelines for students to follow in order for the smooth operations of the library.  The follow are some of those guidelines

The Library hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  The library is also open for the first two weeks of vacation.
Any student borrowing library books will be responsible for them until they are returned to the library.  If a book is damaged or lost the student is required to replace that book. Students who have long overdue books will be denied the privilege of borrowing from the library until the books are returned. Books can be renewed by students at any time.
Each student is allowed to borrow a book for the period of one week. 

Students are expected to follow the following rules when visiting the library.
  • Follow all rules of the supervising classroom teacher.
  • Remain seated at the end of the library session (unless checking out or returning materials).
  • Avoid standing at/in the doorway at the end of the scheduled library period.
  • Understand that conversation related to the session is expected, but the volume should be controlled and kept to a minimum to avoid disturbing others.
  • Only leave the library with permission of the supervising teacher or librarian.

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