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One of the best ways to get students in the school library is to hold inspiring events, organize book competitions and offer exciting library activities to encourage children to read.  That’s why at the Charlestown Primary School Library we organize events such as Book Banquets, Reading Competitions, Parents’ Read Sessions and lots more fun activities. We also design fun bookmarks for children as well as educating them on the importance of reading. 

Our school library offer services for learning and research.  We not only have reading books for children to access, we also have a wide collection of Reference books, Teacher Resource books as well as other reading and research materials for teachers and students alike.
The students visit the library on a daily basis for library sessions.  These sessions include:
  • Using the library
  • Accessing information in the library
  • The difference between fiction and non-fiction books
  • The dewy decimal classification system
  • The different section in the library
  • Using encyclopedias
  • Doing research in the library and on the computer and   much more interesting topics

We also do follow-up fun activities that will not only enhance their reading levels but will boost their self confidence and help them become more Independent, Information- literate and Lifelong

Our plans for 2010 are to organize more fun activities that will inspire and encourage the school’s population to read and explore more.


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