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  • Take care of your library book
  • Keep your library book in a safe place
  • Don’t eat or drink while reading
  • Keep your book away from water, your baby brother or sister and away from pets
  • Don’t color, cut or use a scissors while reading
  • Use a bookmark to save your place in the book

And remember, if you have a problem with your book  

Ten Great Reasons Why You Should Read
  1. Read to understand the past.
  2. Read to explore your world.
  3. Read to plan for your future.
  4. Read to visit new places.
  5. Read to create great things.
  6. Read to make a good decision.
  7. Read to have fun.
  8. Read to exercise tour mind.
  9. Read to keep in touch.
  10. Read because you can.
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