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The library is a very important part of any school. It is known as the information centre. Daily teachers and students visit this unit to read, research, photocopy information and borrow books.

Our experience as a school librarian has been quite fascinating. It is amazing to see the level of interest students’ demonstrate for reading. They are exposed to a variety of books, authors and essential library skills. Students are always happy and excited to visit the library. They enjoy activities such as reading, borrowing books and researching information.

International School’s Library month was celebrated in October of this year, under the theme “School Library Empowers Learners for Life.” As a result, a poetry competition was organised to aid learning. The competition was divided into two categories, namely “Books are Treasures for Life” and “School Libraries Empower Learners for Life”. The winners of each category were Jeriella Liburd of grade six and Sharmarley Newton of grade three. They were both willing participants in this event.

Another interesting programme attached to the library is the “Family Book Feud.” In this event families are expected to study a given text in order to show themselves approved, as they are quizzed to determine the top winners. At the Charlestown Primary School library, one of our future aspirations is an afternoon reading session. This will help to enhance the reading and writing abilities of students and give them that driving force to pick up a book as often as possible.

The CPS library team would like to encourage all parents to spend time reading with their children. Reading stirs the imagination! Reading helps to prepare children for a brighter tomorrow.
School Librarians
Mrs. Eulana Weekes - Batson; Miss Caines and Miss Shanice Amory
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