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It is a good thing to give thanks unto God, Psalms 106:1.

Every morning between 8:35 and 8:45, the staff and students are required to participate in devotions. On Mondays a general assembly is held where the entire population of the school meets in one place for worship. During these assemblies, the students are involved in prayer, singing and reading scriptures from God’s Holy Word. 

The principal usually conducts the General Assembly at the end of which he makes important announcements and admonishes the students to do their best throughout the course of the day.

From Tuesday to Friday devotions are held in three categories; Infants (Kindergarten – Grade 2), Lower Juniors (Grade 3 and Grade 4) and Upper Juniors (grade 5 and Grade 6). The grade level teachers alternate the conducting of these devotions, guided by an assembly roster that indicates the scripture lesson for each day as well as the memory verse for the week. Additionally, the students are given the opportunity to illustrate their musical skills on the drums and tambourine.

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