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Minutes from the Charlestown Primary School PTA meeting held on Thursday 13th September, 2012

Principal’s Report

Mr. Barrett welcomed parents and indicated that there were some changes for the new term. He began with staffing and introduced new teachers: Ms. Cherice Gajor, Ms. Shaniece Amory and Ms. I-Shana Broadbelt. Other teachers introduced were Ms. Phillip returning from Teachers’ Training College, Ms. Shinelle Pemberton returning from university and Ms. Aleta Liburd transferring back to CPS from VOJN. . He also announced that Mrs. Michelle Robinson had returned to Jamaica and Ms. Bertie, Mrs. Lakhram and Ms. Arthurton went off to CFBC. He indicated that Mr. Sargeant was on a workshop.

In reflecting on the previous school year, the principal said that it was a fruitful year both in academics and in sports and that the teachers worked very hard. He said that Tacquon Clarke and Jeriella Liburd did well in the SJCIC Quiz and in football the school placed first with Zakeese Smith being awarded most goals, best goal keeper and MVP. He further indicated that the school won the cricket tournament and thanked the coaches, as well as those who assisted them, for their efforts.

In reference to the Talented Youth Show which was organized by the Culturama Committee, Mr. Barrett described the performances of the students who represented the school, Zakeese Smith and Makelsia Scarborough, as spectacular. He then thanked the parents as well as the teachers who assisted the students. He also applauded Dendi and Mr. Patterson for assisting with the stilts and steel pan respectively.

In terms of graduation, which was also held in the previous school term, the principal said that it started on time and ended on time. He said that the amazing dinner that followed the ceremony was prepared by chef, Curtis Smithen and the decorations were done by Tonia, who transformed the cafeteria into an atmosphere of class.

Next, Mr. Barrett thanked the parents whose children are part of the lunch. He commented that the children were eating well and sometimes wanted ‘seconds’. In response to a suggestion about discounts, he said that the school did not want to ‘short change’ the children in terms of providing a nutritious meal. He reiterated that the program is not being subsidized by government and that in order for the program to be successful, especially in its initial stages, discounts was not practical.

In reference to the placement of the graduating class at the high school, Mr. Barrett indicated that 8 students were placed in 1A1, 28 in 1A2, 9 in 1A3 and 6 in 1A4. He praised the teachers whom it said worked extremely hard. He said the teachers were able to get persons who were heading for 1A3 and 1A4 into 1A2.

The principal said that based on an analysis of past performances the management team made the decision to change from mixed ability grouping and to begin grouping children based on performance. Hence students would be matched with others of similar abilities. He stated that the grouping will be flexible and students would be allowed to move into other groups based on their performances at the end of each term.

He discussed the change in the names of the classrooms and explained that the positive names would encourage students to learn the virtues and by the end of grade 6, it is hoped that students would remember the virtues and live up the names of the classes that they were in. He asked parents to reinforce the virtues at home. He also asked for volunteers to mount the classroom signs on the different rooms. He indicated that the signs were not paid for yet and cost $1200.

The principal thanked everyone for the support given during anniversary week.  He announced that every last Friday of the month would be hot dog and dress-up day. He also announced that the school’s Patriotic Program would be held the following day at 9:00 a.m. and invited parents to attend.

Finally, Mr. Barrett announced that the school started a snack tray with proceeds going towards the purchase of a PA system. Mr. Barrett also announced that the school’s website was up and stated that the web address is He encouraged all present to visit the website.


Teachers’ Concerns

1.    Students were throwing bottles on the road which is a hazard to other pedestrians as well as vehicular traffic. Parents were asked to encourage their children to stop this practice.

2.    Parents were reminded to sign home work as this indicates to teachers that parents were aware that homework was given and that it was supervised and the required assistance was given.

3.     Parents need to give updated information (new telephone number, change of address) to school/secretary so that students’ files can be updated. It was also recommended that parents teach children their cell phone numbers.


Parents Concerns

1.    Students moving at the end of the term as opposed to the end of the year

Mr. Barrett indicated that it was set like that to encourage students to be consistent so that they could maintain their ‘spot’ or in some cases, those who have improved their averages could actually move up at the end of the term.

2.    Gifts for performance were given to parents instead of the children

Mr. Barrett stated that the gifts were given to the children and that they were given to parents only in cases where the student might have been absent on the day when the gifts were presented.

3.    All of the top students received the same gift regardless of their position; it was suggested that students received different gifts based on their position

Mr. Barrett said it was a good idea and the school could try it.

4.    Extra classes

Mr. Barrett gave a positive response to the parent who enquired about additional classes

5.    Home Work Program

Mr. Barrett announced that the program would start the following week and would be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Presentation by Department of Education – Mrs. Adina Taylor

Mrs. Taylor, Adult Education Officer, indicated that the department would be offering adult classes in the subject areas of mathematics and religious knowledge. The classes were being offered at special rates and interested persons were encouraged to call the Department of Education for further information. She also indicated that skill subjects were being offered and this was to ensure that persons already working in those fields were certified.  Those classes she said would be free of cost.


The meeting ended at 5:35 p.m.

Minutes from the Charlestown Primary School PTA meeting held on Thursday 17th January, 2013


Presentation: Child Friendly School (CFS)

Parents were informed about the UNICEF Child Friendly School Program that is presently in operation at the school.  The presentation was facilitated by Mrs. Stanley, the school’s guidance councilor and Mr. Sergeant. The presenters indicated that the aim of the program was to promote positive behaviour in school by rewarding good behaviour (positive discipline). They encourage parents to learn more about the program by logging on to the UNICEF website at


Principal’s Report

Mr. Barrett welcomed the gathering and wished everyone a happy New Year. In reference to staff changes he introduced Mrs. Karen Welcome who replaced Mrs. Thelma Mills as secretary. He stated that Mrs. Mill was transferred to the Registrar’s Office. He also indicated that Ms. Verna Grant was with the school for a short while but was transferred to the high school.

The principal thanked the parents for supporting the school’s activities (Patriotic Program, Parents-Teachers Conference) during the previous term. He also thanked parents for their donations for World Teacher’s Day.

Mr. Barrett reported that the Student Council elections generated lots of excitement with Mikelsea Scarborough emerging as president. He also indicated that the Inter-village Quiz was won by Craddock Road. He indicated that the Christmas Concert was a huge success and that the funds raised, along with those from the snack tray were used to purchase the PA system at a cost of $3 125. Mr. Barrett indicated that the next big project that the school would like to embark upon is the building of a stage in the cafeteria. He further indicated that Public Works, in collaboration with TDC, gave an estimated cost of $5 208.26 for that project. He said that the school hoped to raise some of the funds in that term.

In reference to end of term tests, Mr. Barrett said that the children got wonderful marks which reflected the competitiveness of the groups.

In looking at the events for the term, the principal spoke of open week which was scheduled for the following week. He said it was an opportunity for parents to get involved by sitting in on lessons and observing the teacher and children as they interact. He said it is also part of promoting the child friendly school and added that the children looked forward to it.

Next the principal announced that heats would begin the following week. He asked parents to remind children to walk with a change of clothing and informed them that practice would be at 3 pm daily. Mr. Barrett stated that the fun races that would normally be a part of Sports Day would take place on Wednesday 20th February and that the points would go towards the heats championship. He said this was being done in an effort to cut back on time at Sports Day. He also asked parents to indicate colours of T-shirts for Sports Day so that the shirts could be ordered early.

The principal then listed other events for the term which included the annual Tea Party to be held on the 7th, Black History Concert on the 18th and Walk-A-Thon on the 22nd of February. He also announced that Test of Standard would be from June 11th to the 19th and advised parents that it was not too early to start preparing.

Mr. Barrett mentioned that the school is contemplating changing the PE uniform to black and orange beginning September 2013. He asked for a show of hands and most parents indicated that they were in favour of the change.

Next, Mr. Barrett thanked the PTA on behalf of Mrs. Ross who received assistance from the Relief Fund. The donation was used to assist her daughter in getting medical attention in Panama. He further informed the PTA that the operation was successful. He then invited other parents who were in crisis situations to seek assistance from the fund.

In reference to the School Meals Program, the principal said that it was doing well and thanked parents for their support of the program. He said that some new parents had signed on to the program and invited other parents to join the program. He apologized for a few students inadvertently not receiving lunch because of a name tag issue. He indicated that the problem was rectified and assured parents that the incident would not occur again.

Mr. Barrett informed parents that the sponsor cards are for the parents and that they could put a donation on the card or seek sponsors from friends and family.

The principal said that a teacher had reported to him that 5 students from the CPS who were originally placed in 1A2 in the high school, had been promoted to 1A1.

Finally, Mr. Barrett announced that the school received a donation consisting of an LCD projector, DVD player, books and other school supplies from Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cotham. He said that the school had further need for a screen and ceiling fans. 


Parents’ Concerns

·        Moving students from one class to another after just one term is harsh and unfair; it is better for students to remain in their classes for more than one term. Mr. Barrett responded that it was part of the flexible movement policy adopted by the school and that those students who are not performing would be moved. He further indicated that he Homework Program was available for children in grades 3 t0 6 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays right after school.

·        Test of Standards books – the school was in the process of sourcing the books from CDU


Teachers’ Concerns

·        Parents need to assist teachers in keeping children on course by ensuring that homework is completed and encouraging children to pay attention in class, especially at mornings


The meeting ended at 5:35 pm.


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