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The parents and teachers of students of the Charlestown Primary School (CPS) are:

  • Dedicated to the educational development of the students.
  • Committed to ensuring the highest standard of education
  • Devoted to the general well being of the students.
  • Committed to achieve their objectives with a unity of purpose.
The following provisions are in effect as the constitution of the Charlestown Primary School Parents/ Teachers Association.

1.The name of the Association is the Charlestown Primary School Parent Teachers Association.

2. The purpose for which the Association is established are as follows;

  • To promote and advance the moral, intellectual and social development of all students as the school.
  • To work with, assist, support and co-operate with the Department of Education in ensuring the meaningful education of students.
  • To communicate to the Department of Education any matter of concern involving the education and development of students at the school.
  • To recommend to the Department of Education an appropriate change in the school system that will enhance the moral, educational or social development of students.
  • To promote and stimulate the education and development of students through various activities    including seminars, conferences, training and projects.
  • To collaborate with and make representations to the Ministry responsible for education in order to effect and further the objects of the Association.

3. Membership shall be open to the parents or guardians and teachers of all students attending the Charlestown Primary School.

4. The Association shall be governed by a Board, which shall consist of the following members:

  • President
  • Vice- President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • One teacher representative
  • Principal, Charlestown Primary School, shall be an ex-officio member.

5. The members of the Board other than the Principal shall be elected by the general membership of the Association at its first general meeting.

6. The tenure of office of a member of the board shall be town years from the date of his or her election, unless he sooner resigns or vacates his or her seat. He shall be eligible for re-election.

7. A member of the Board can serve for another term or two years but not in the same position previously held.

8. The election of officers to service on the Board shall be held by- annually at the annual general meeting. Only those persons who receive a majority of votes shall hold office on the Board

9. The Board shall meet at least once each month to review the business and progress of the Association.

10. The board shall call at least one general meeting of the Association every term and shall give adequate notice for such meeting.
  • School Auditorium


  • LCD Projector  


  • Larger Staff Room


  • Modern Kitchen and Lunch Room


  • Reading Recovery Room


  • Science Lab


  • All classrooms equipped with computers and Internet access
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