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 The Charlestown Primary school believes that systematic homework assignments can enhance students’ academic performance. To support this belief, the following guidelines will be implemented.

Homework will take varying forms, for example written, revision, observation, research, projects, listening to news/ programmes or other similar activities and should be:

  • Given daily
  • Given by 3:00 p.m.
  • Recorded in a written form for parents to read
  • Returned punctually on the date specified
  • Presented neatly and done in the student’s own handwriting if it is not type written
  • Checked for accuracy and signed by a parent or responsible adult
  • Marked regularly or in a timely manner

Adherence to these guidelines will result in positive outcomes and academic progress of students.

All subjects carry a pass mark of 75%

Grade Percentage
A                     - 90%- 100% 
B                     -  75%-89%
C                     -  60%- 74%
D                    -  50%- 59%
U                    -    0- 49%

Rating Scale
A                - Very Good
B                 - Good
C                 - Fair
D                 - Needs Improving
U                - Unsatisfactory

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