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During the first week in February each year, students, teachers, families and friends come together to celebrate Valentines in the form of a tea party. Classrooms are decorated in red and white for this event.
As you sit and converse with old friends, you are served with your choice of tea or punch and finger snacks by the students of grade 6 adorned in semi- formal black and white. This is a time where all sit back and enjoy a social evening of music, fun, laughter and adulation.

Worldwide, the month of February is celebrated as “Black History” month.
On the last Thursday of the month the students and teachers of the Charlestown Primary School are dressed in their African wear. Pride for one’s heritage is expressed by means of a Black History Concert. Each class performs by singing Negro spirituals, dramatizing our struggle, and dancing and playing on the steel pans, our freedom from slavery. It is an amazing sight to behold the many
different patterns and colors displayed on that day.
When the concert is over the staff and students take part in an exciting photo shoot creating memories for the years to come.

The students, teachers and parents look forward to stretching their muscles on walk-a-thon day. A route is chosen, usually a different one each year where everyone walks together, enjoying the interesting sights while getting a good work-out.
At a designated spot we all sit down to have lunch or a snack. This activity takes place just before sports day to aid in preparing the athletes for their races.

 This is a time of excitement and much anxiety. The school is divided by way of houses in the colors Red, Blue and Green. The Houses compete against each other to determine who will emerge the champions. Races include 60 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters, 800 and 1500 meters. There are also fun races which cater for the students of Kindergarten to Grade 2. These are lime and bucket (the athlete has to collect 3 limes and put them in a bucket), lime and spoon (theathlete has to run with a lime in a spoon without dropping it) and sack race (the athlete has tojump in a sack all the way to the finish line). This is a time of fun! Fun! All the way!
The most exciting races of the whole event are the relays. This is where you’ll see real competition as the athletes run their hardest and the spectators cheer their loudest. It’s a race to the finish line. Who will get there first? On your MARK, get SET, GO!!
After the sports meet each house has a fête to celebrate the athletes’ hard work and magnificent performance. The winning House is congratulated while the other houses vow secretly to dethrone them next year.



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