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How and where one lives is vital to the maintenance of one’s present in order to steer him or her into the future.

Social Studies educate our students of their rich history, it teaches ways of socializing and exposes them to skills that enable them to better conceptualize the world from a natural, man- made, social, geographical and historical prospect. The curriculum is designed to expose students to key social concepts. It takes them from home to around the world via the globe, atlases, technological apparatus and the news locally, regionally and internationally.

The school’s curriculum is compiled of topics such as, where we came from, our economy, the environment, groupings of islands and continents that make up the world, the oceans around us, key map skills, our federation (St. Kitts and Nevis), what is a government and how it operates and social education.

Knowledge, attitude and skills have played a major role in shaping a child’s social life. Social Studies from this viewpoint have proven to be crucial, as it tailors students to become active and responsible citizens, who will maintain the democratic values upon which the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis was established.

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