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 Special mention should be made of the pioneers associated with the history of the CharlestownPrimary school. Before the Charlestown Boys and Girls schools were merged to form the well knowCharlestown Primary, renowned head-teachers worked very hard to lay the foundation. Some of these head-teachers are:
  • Ms. Christobel O’Flahearty
  • Mr. James Kelly
  • Mr. Jerome Crosse
  • Ms. Muriel Johnson
  • Ms. Maude Cross
  • Ms. Rovita Butler
  • Mr. Sanford Boncamper
  • Mrs. Lyndis Walters
  • Mrs Joycelyn Liburd
  • Mrs. Eileen Walwyn
  • Mr. Gerard Browne
  • Mr. Oban Lawrence
  • Mrs. Hyleta Liburd
  • Mr. Frank Morton
  • Mrs. Shirley Browne
  • Mrs. Alice Swanston

The principal and staff of the Charlestwon Primary school wish you are happy retirement. All the best in your future endeavours.
  • Ms. Gloria Bartley
  • Mrs. Donna Sargeant
  • Mrs. Alice Swanston
  • Mr. Elquemedo Willett
  • Ms. Sandra Liburd
  • Mrs. Michelle Robison

  • Mrs. Avril Elliott
  • Mrs. Ellen Grant
  • Mrs. Adina Taylor
  • Mrs. Gracia Browne
  • Miss Donnace Wilkinson
  • Mr. Shefton Liburd
  • Mr. Peter Wiltshire (past retired)
  • Mrs. Marva Roberts
  • Miss Melanie Huggins
  • Miss Sherielle Forbes
  • Miss Oceanna O'Loughlin
  • Mr. Vaughn Sturge
  • Mr. Shevon Williams
  • Mrs. Romesha Hanley
  • Miss Tamesha Saddler
  • Mr. Frank Clarke
  • Mrs. Rosamund Beazer
  • Mrs. Carla Liburd
  • Mrs. Latoya Gumbs Audain
  • Mrs. Florence Smithen
  • Mrs. Vera Herbert
  • Mrs. Lornette Swanston- Morton
  • Mrs. Sherma Roberts- Foster
  • Mis Utha Thomas
  • Miss Julie-Ann Parris
  • Jamo Smithen
  • Miss Latoya Jeffers
  • MissTamecia Stanley
  • Miss Jamilla Parris
  • Miss Krystan Springette
  • Nyozi Fraser
  • Mrs. Thelma Parris - Mills (secretary)


  • Miss Leanissa Thomas 
  • Mrs. Dowattie Lakhram
  • Miss Lashante Claxton

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