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The purpose of the student council body is to involve our students in meaningful ways in and beyond the classroom setting.Opportunities are provided for students to demonstrate their talents, skills, and interests. Students’ leadership and organisational skills provide opportunities for them to become involved in managing and planning school affairs; hereby, gaining essential skills that are easily transferred to the workplace and other social gatherings.
Students’ efforts are fully supported by the staff and Parents Teacher Association, as we are always open to ideas and suggestions related to new ways of doing things. The student council body is involved in organizing activities, such as Talent Show and planning student events. The council also represents the needs of the students. They are actively involved in giving the student body a voice and promoting healthy socialisation among peers. A new student council body is elected by the school annually.


Zhariah Archibald                        Nicole Zakers- Barry                       Kierra Thompson                                Chavez Archibald
President                                        VicePresident                                    Secretary                                               Assistant Secretary


Lashauna Parris                          Zoniel Mcfarlane                               Keondre Williams
Assistant Treasurer                    Treasurer                                             Public Relations Officer


Hello my fellow peers, thanks for your confidence in me. I wish to inform you of the plans the student council wish to accomplish before the end of the school year.
These include:
  1. A fun day for all, the last week of
  2. Hot dog day, twice (2) a
  3. Have an after schol programme apart from the
    home work programme to help studens in difficult subject areas. Students who are
    strong in the main subject areas will be used to conduct this programme.
  4. Paint over the school
  5. Have litter wardens assigned throughout the
    school to look for students who are littering the school grounds. Litterers will
    be given two chances, and they will be required to pay 25 cents (per thrash
    is my promise to do all that I can to make our school a better place. Thank you.

Zhariah Archibald
Student Council President
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