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The Palm Is Gained With Effort 
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Bethany Barry                      Jeriella Liburd                            Tyler Lewis                                   Tocquone Clarke
President                            Vice President                            Treasurer                                     Assistant Treasurer

Michaelet C. Walters         Malik Cranston                           Briannna Pemberton                       Alexis Williams
Secretary                         Assistant Secretary                    Public Relations Officer          Assistant Public Relations Officer

On behalf of the Student Body Council I express warm greeting to you through this medium. I am 11 years old Bethany Barry a student of Charlestown Primary School, grade 6 1.

In the 2011-2012 Student Council Election I was elected President. The Vice President is Jeriella Liburd .
We believe in change, we believe in creating a brighter way for all of us here at the Charlestown Primary School and that’s why we are here.
Our student council is a body or group which must be kept alive. This council was organised for us, the students, to come together and identify projects we need to make our school a better school and raise funds to pay for these projects.

Some of our goals are:
  1. Re-erect the name and motto of our school at the front. Visitors passing by must know that this is the Charlestown Primary School where the Palm Is Gained With Effort.
  2. Provide track shoes for all our athletes. We must take back the championship next Inter-Primary meet. We would start training early and let the whole world know that we are the unstoppable force and that they can’t keep Charlestown Primary school down.
  3. Provide six (6) water fountains for our school. Lunch will soon be provided and we don’t want to carry a lunch bag with just water in it. We want to bring one less bag to school.

These projects would require money and money we must get.We will have:

  1. Concerts
  2. Bar-be-cue
  3. Monthly car-wash and
  4. Seek sponsorships, where possible

Supporters and well wishers if you like what you hear and believe that these are well needed projects for our school, then you have no choice. You must support these projects.

Thank you!

Student Council President

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