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Tuesday 22nd - Friday 26th April  

Anniversary Week
Saturday 17th May

Family Book Feud

 Thursday 22nd May


Monday 9th - Friday 13th  June

Kindergarten Registration

Tuesday 10th - Wednesday 18th June

Tuesday 10th - Language Arts

Thursday 12th - Mathematics

Wednesday 17th - Social Studies

Thursday 18th - Science

Test of Standards (Grades 3-6)

23rd - 26th June

Monday 23rd - Language Arts

Tuesday 24th - Mathematics

Wednesday 25th - Social Studies

Thursday 26th - Science

End of Term Test (Grades K-5)

Thursday 3rd July
Grade Six Graduation Ceremony

Tuesday 8th July

School Picnic

Wednesday 9th July

Awards Ceremony ( at the School)

Friday 11th July
School Closes

 Monday 1st September

School Re-opens
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