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“Creativity is in the minds of those who allow themselves to think” L. Freeman (2010).

During this activity the teacher and students explore various resources to create unique crafts they are proud of. All the items are displayed in a classroom and tagged for sale with the names of the students who created them.

These items include hand sewn bags, pillows, embroidered mats and rags, tie dye t-shirts, jewellery and wind chimes made of coconut shells and sea shells etc.

Videos are also shown and games such as lucky dip, dice and ring toss are played while others vent their excess energy in bouncing castles. Music and entertainment are provided in the form of masquerades and May pole dancing by the students.

A well stocked bar provides drinks and eats, some of which are prepared by the teachers themselves.

All students come to the end of their primary school journey at the grade 6 level. By this time most of the students have amassed the age of 12.They sit exams called “Test of Standards” for placement into High School.
They wait in anticipation to discover who will be crowned Valedictorian.

Graduation is held in July, a few weeks before school breaks for the summer vacation. The students get their hair done and dress in their finest. They wear a navy blue gown with a gold sash. The graduating class reminisces on their primary school years in songs, poems and speech.

The ceremony closes with candle lighting where each student holds a lighted candle while the school’s choir serenades them with the song, “Carry Your Candle.”

After the ceremony the teachers, students and their families pose for photos before proceeding to the dining area at a selected and prominent venue

 Male and female students of the upper grades vie for the title of ‘Prince’ and ‘Princess’. They compete in various segments on stage revealing their hidden talents.

The following categories are introduction during an ice breaker: swim wear, sportswear, evening wear, talent and question and answer. The prince and princess receive a sash and crown while the runners- up receive prizes.

The last Tuesday in the third term is designated as “Picnic Day.” It is another annual event which the students, teachers and parents anticipate. Everyone boards buses and private vehicles and head for the picnic site.

Upon arriving at the site, hang-out spots are set up. Various groups scatter around relaxing under trees, playing games, taking photos, and exploring. It is the time when teachers put everything aside and experience the cool, refreshing breeze and the smell of nature, especially since it is mango season.

At the end of a well spent day everyone returns home with smiling faces.

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