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Where we teach students skills they will need to transform themselves, others, and our global communities.

Charlestown Primary –

CPS Tigers

Education is an enlightening experience that enriches the minds of all. I warmly welcome you to our website.
Mrs. Cheryl Haynes
Mrs. Cheryl HaynesPrincipal
Welcome to the website CPS family , happy browsing!
Ms. Carissa David
Ms. Carissa DavidDeputy Principal
Welcome to the Charlestown Primary School website. I am looking forward to a great interaction from you.
Mr. Adonis Rivers
Mr. Adonis RiversDeputy Principal

Read more you want to know about the rules of our society, 
Mathematics and Language roots; Off to Charlestown Primary you go, 

for there they teach what a child needs to know.

 Good manners and morals head the list, with music, folklore, sports and athletics.

Technology, our aim is mastery, that’s why its taught to everybody.

So, come on to Charlestown Primary.

The record shows our ability, with caring teachers to guide you through.

Learning is made fun for you.

Written: Mrs. Robina Ward

As President of the PTA, I wish the launch every success and hope the future of the website be of such that, it becomes the number one site everyone will visit and, partake of its wide raging content.

Mr. Conrad Smithen – PTA President

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The Ministry of Education applauds the Charlestown Primary School for making this website a reality. In this age of Information Technology, a website is an axiomatic component of any professional institution…
Mr. Kevin Barrett
Mr. Kevin BarrettPermanent Secretary
In an age of technology and more specifically the integration of Information and Communication Technologies in Education, it is with a sense of pride that I commend the Charlestown Primary School on the launch of the school’s website…
Ms. Zahnela Claxton
Ms. Zahnela ClaxtonPrincipal Eduaction Officer
I wish to congratulate the principal and staff of the Charlestown Primary School on the revamping and relaunching of the school’s website. This relaunch is especially significant on the heels of the School’s 30th anniversary celebrations.
Ms. Londa Brown
Ms. Londa BrownDeputy Principal of Education

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