The Ministry of Education applauds the Charlestown Primary School for making this website a reality. In this age of Information Technology, a website is an axiomatic component of any professional institution.
Accessibility to this website will give Charlestown Primary School a global presence. This would mean that what is done at the Charlestown Primary School must be educational, relevant and valuable to users. This Website also means more on demand accessibility to Charlestown Primary School. It is an excellent means of promoting this educational institution and showcasing what happens at school in academic areas and extra-curricular activities.
The Ministry of Education encourages the broadening of your horizons through the use of this website. May all browsers find the website user-friendly, interactive, educational, informative and fun filled.
God’s Blessings.

Mr. Kevin Barrett

In an age of technology and more specifically the integration of Information and Communication Technologies in Education, it is with a sense of pride that I commend the Charlestown Primary School on the launch of their school’s website. This is indeed a historic moment and a step which indicates that at the Charlestown Primary School, students are being equipped to successfully navigate the future.
Every organisation aims to leave a legacy. Your legacy is etched in the lives of all students you have touched over the years. The launch of your website during the school’s 30th anniversary celebrations, signals another milestone which will positively shape your legacy.
Parents, students and the general community, this is a tool which would be instrumental in keeping you abreast of what is happening at your school. I hope that you value this tool and the many benefits that it brings.
To the Principal of the school, Mrs. Cheryl Haynes, and the entire staff at the Charlestown Primary School, the launch of your website is no doubt the fruit of many months of hard work. Commendations to you and all stakeholders who contributed to the process. The website is also testament of your school’s motto, The Palm is Gained with Effort. As such, the Charlestown Primary School’s pride is etched in the website.

Ms. Zahnela Claxton

I wish to congratulate the principal and staff of the Charlestown Primary School on the revamping and relaunching of the school’s website. This relaunch is especially significant on the heels of the School’s 30th anniversary celebrations. I applaud all the efforts of Principal Haynes and her staff to make this website a reality, and commend them for their continued commitment to the education of Charlestown Primary’s students.
Charlestown Primary is a school with a rich culture, and deep rooted traditions 30 years in the making, and I am confident that this step, of creating this website, will help to preserve those traditions, and ensure they are passed on to the next generations of ‘CPS Tigers’.
As your Education Officer, I continue to be proud of your achievements and successes in academics, sports and other social endeavours and pledge my, and the Department’s full support in the next 30 years and beyond.
Congratulations and Happy 30th Anniversary!!!

Ms. Londa Brown