Mrs. Cheryl Haynes

Education is an enlightening experience that enriches the minds of all. I warmly welcome you to our website. It is my hope that your browse will be a pleasurable and meaningful one. The Charlestown Primary School is one of the most distinguished schools on the island of Nevis. Over the many years, our students have performed exceptionally well within the areas of academics, sports and culture. Past students of the Charlestown Primary School have made their mark in renowned business places locally, regionally and internationally. Over the thirty-year span and currently, our students’ lives have been touched and continue to be touched by our devoted teachers past and present; some of whom are permanent secretaries, education officers and nation builders, for example past principals Mrs. Alice Swanston and past coach Mr. Elquemedo Willett. We have come!
Our website serves as an interface, which provides support in core subject areas with regard to our school’s vision and mission statements. We live in an era, where technology is the order of the day. It attracts, captures and entice students in a way that produces higher learning outcomes. Thus, this website aims at engaging our students’ learning in a rich, fun and meaningful way.
Over our thirty-year stint, the staff, students and parents have worked tirelessly to uphold the banner of excellence at our school. Therefore, this website is an extension of their hard work, labour of love, commitment and dedication to school and students.
As you browse our website you will learn more about who we are as a CPS family. Thanks for your timely visit and I hope you will be a frequent visitor.

Ms. Carissa David

Greetings everyone! Welcome to the Charlestown Primary School. A truly special place where we learn and work together. I find it a great pleasure in seeing the children being challenged to grow and become the best they can be.
As deputy headteacher, I am very proud of the accomplishments achieved by our students and staff over the last 30 years. It is our goal at CPS to maximize students learning experience by creating a learning environment that promotes high academic expectations, while supporting their social and emotional wellbeing. With our motto “The Palm is Gained with Effort”, the school has and will continue to birth many academic superstars and athletic champions.
I trust that our website will give you a glimpse at life at Charlestown Primary. We have a staff where persons are highly motivated and dedicated, striving to provide the students with the best possible opportunities to grow and develop. Our mission is to ensure that we all learn together, always remembering, “The Palm is Gained with Effort”.
Through this website we hope to provide timely, engaging, and current information, to current and prospective parents, students, staff, and the community.
I hope you find the information provided on our user-friendly website useful. Happy browsing!

Mr. Adonis Rivers

Welcome to the Charlestown Primary School website. I am looking forward to a great interaction from you. We are celebrating our 30th Anniversary and it is a time to reflect and to count our blessings for being able to return to school and learn together. Thankfully, our students are resilient, and our teachers have been busy preparing and planning, they are up for the task!
CPS is a school rich in the tradition of excellence where children are the focus. I am very impressed with the professionalism and dedication of our staff, the parental support and the students’ hunger for learning. I join in the partnership of all stakeholders involved in working together to ensure that our students experience success each and every day. My hope is that our school’s atmosphere continues to be that of a warm, welcoming environment for everyone.
It is the goal at CPS to provide the students with the best possible education that will prepare them for transitioning to high school in a safe and secure learning environment. Our teachers continue to dedicate themselves by preparing and delivering the best individualized lessons for their students. By delivering the quality education that CPS is known for, our staff brings out the very best in each of our students. Everyone succeeds because our expectations are high and a high-quality education prepares our students for a very bright future.
I look forward to the years ahead of watching your children flourish. Please remember that you are your child’s first teacher. The most successful schools are those with the most active and supportive parents. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. My door is always open to my Charlestown Primary School Family and the community. Blessings !!!